Brown Jordan Indoor/Outdoor Fire Pits

It seems like everywhere we go - even the grocery store! - they're selling fire pits these days. We love them too, but as you know we're always looking for items that stand out from the crowd. The difference is Brown Jordan, maker of fabulous outdoor living merchandise, and their line of indoor/outdoor fire pits (yes - indoor!). The difference is you can choose what kind of fuel you want to use - propane, natural gas, or bioethanol. Clean-burning bioethanol creates no smoke or sooty marks and allows you to use these beautiful, architectural pieces anywhere. They also have accessories like stools and side tables that can hide a tank away, making them perfect for your next outdoor soirée. Here are a few more facts:

Brown Jordan Fires provide you with unparalleled freedom and ultimate flexibility. With our Triple Fuel Advantage, you get to decide on the fuel source that is right for you. Choose from Natural Gas, Liquid Propane, or Bioethanol.

When you select Bioethanol or Liquid Propane as your fuel source you’ll never be tied down! With zero hard utility connections, relocating your fire is a breeze. Entertain on your own terms with Brown Jordan Fires.

Re-engineered from the ground up, our proprietary composite concrete formula is half the weight of traditional concrete and double the strength! Rest assured you’ll enjoy your fire for years to come.

Brown Jordan Fires when fueled by e-NRG Bioethanol are the single, most eco-friendly fires available today. With zero harmful emissions and no smoke, soot, or ash your clean-burning, bioethanol fire can even be used indoors!

We also have the Horizon in four different sizes (including a model that would be great for a table top), the Strata, and the Solstice, and of course can order you other models if you'd like. Stop in and see them - we can show you how they look burning since we run them in the shop on the bioethanol fuel. They're a great addition to any entertaining space and will make you think any other old fire pit is just plain boring!

Linen Love

You may have heard us talking about our love of linens - specifically, Libeco Linens. From the moment of harvest all the way to your home, Libeco takes the utmost pride in how they sustainably create their fabric, bedding, pillows, home goods, and more from the finest quality Belgian linen. If you're interested in the linen production process, they've created a short film...

The Libeco Linen production process

For all practical purposes, linen sheets are one of the most wonderful little luxuries you can treat yourself to. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer - you will sleep better every night in their temperature-regulating comfort. We have a variety of Libeco sheets and home goods in stock, and can order much more for you.

One new product their introducing is getting a nod from the home design world - the Super Sham! They're so simple, they're brilliant: extra-long shams that actually go across your whole bed because their sized longer than their standard King or Euro counterparts. Originally designed for their European market, Libeco has brought these to the US in two sizes. The "Super King" at 28x36" gives height to your bed, while remaining about the same width as a king sham. The "Grand Euro" is perfect for large scale headboards or in airy spaces where volume is needed because it measure in at 32" - a full six inches larger than a regular euro sham. They're available in ALL of their bedding patterns and colors, and collections that have shams without a flange can be used as large pillows on sectional sofas!

Items like these might come into your life in pieces - you start with a few dish towels, add some basic sheets, etc. - but it's great that these pieces are available additionally for us to collect over time, too. I'm sure they'll become your favorite!

New at Traditions...the ATLANTA Orders are in!

Our orders from the Atlanta show are starting to come in...which means we've got all kinds of beautiful new items! There are great new options in furniture, art, lamps, and especially lighting. Take a look and Pin what you love.

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